Using MODIS for climatology and environmental studies. Assigned code: Climat

What we have collected and processed so far is a valuable daily collection of the following parameters from 2005 to 2014 all extracted and/or calculated from MODIS sensor on board of Terra/Aqua platform. These products are: Land Surface Temperature (LST), Air Temperature at 2m height(AT2m), Atmospheric Total Percipitable water (TPW), Vegetation Cover (VC), Relative Humidity (RH), Surface Pressure (P), Cloud Cover (CC) and Error associated with LST (LST-ERR).
Some of these data are products of MODIS corrected for uncertainties, noises, geo-referencing problems and detector malfunctioning. These are Land Surface Temperature (LST) and Surface Pressure (P). The other products either have undergone some corrections or new products all based on the published work carried out by the KRSLab researchers and scholars. The details of this processing procedure can be found in the publication menu. Finally, here are some queries that can be answered by the available data bank:
• Variation of LST, AT2m, TPW, VC, RH, P and CC in a particular period of time in 10 years
• Variation of LST, AT2m, TPW, VC, RH, P and CC in a particular region of interest in 10 years
• Classification of the country for any of above-mentioned parameters
• Classification of the country for a combination of the above-mentioned parameters
• Climatological classification of the country based on the above-mentioned parameters
• Highlighting and determining a particular region with a particular range of the above-mentioned parameters
• Extraction of information about drought phenomena all around the country
• Gaining information about the modality of 10 years change in a particular region
• Modality of soil erosion and desertification in the period of last 10 years
• Evapotranspiration variation in different parts of a country in last 10 years
• Cloud cover percentage variation of each pixel or region of interest during last 10 years useful for solar power plants.
• And many more depending on the orders placed in this site